Mike Walker

Justin Bieber Believes In Strippers For Christmas

The pop star opens up some very merry gifts!

justin bieber strippers scandals
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Mike Walker Reports… A total Belieber when it comes to yukkin’ it up at Yuletide — Justin Bieber kicked off Christmas early with a merrily sex-drenched bash at his Toluca Lake pad that turned Santa’s cheeks redder than Rudolph’s nose!

Reported My Toluca Tattletale: “Justin invited many of Hollywood’s most beautiful girls, requesting they ‘dress up’ for the bash — meaning they barely wore anything, prancing around like Santa’s little helpers in skimpy, holiday-themed bras and lingerie!

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“Then Badboy stuffed their stockings with jaw-dropping sex toys — and erected a big ‘Sexy Santa Quiz’ wheel featuring kinky questions to answer for naughty prizes.

“And Belieb me — when our pop tart donned a Santa hat, the girls went wild, climbing over each other to sit on Santa’s lap as he gifted MORE sex toys, lingerie and sensual oils, purring, ‘Have YOU been a naughty grrrl?’”