Pregnancy Alert!

Nicole Richie Fuming Over Sister’s Justin Bieber Baby

Famous family member doesn't trust the pop star!

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Nicole Richie is terrified that little sis Sofia will end up with pop brat Justin Bieber as her baby daddy!

Adding to her fears, the Biebs has already declared he wants to be a “young dad!”

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“Nicole is freaking out! She’s worried Sofia will wind up pregnant and alone,” dished a source.

Sofia, 18, is the biological daughter of Nicole’s adoptive dad, singer Lionel Richie.

She hooked up with Justin, 22, in August and she’s already had a pregnancy scare, said an insider.

“Sofia cried she’d taken a home pregnancy test that came back positive,” dished the insider.

“She took two more, and both were negative. It was a close call!”

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Justin is still known as a notorious skirt-chaser — and just days before scoring with Sofia, he was seen skinny-dipping with another girl.

“Nicole’s worried Sofia’s on a collision course with disaster,” added the spy.