Mike Walker

Justin Bieber Nearly Fried & Died Over Stupid Stunt

Wannabe rocker didn't know that electric guitars and water don't mix!

justin bieber stupid
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Mike Walker Reports… A stunt by Justin Bieber damn near killed him — but buddies laughed so hysterically, tears rolled down their cheeks!

Said My Blabby Belieber: “A fan sent Justin a homemade electric guitar that he played for pals during a party at his Toluca Lake estate.

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“But danger ramped up when the star wandered onto a dock next to a pond, still strumming the plugged-in instrument!

“Justin sat in a rowboat jammin’ — liking the sound of music on the water — as some 50 folks watched … but Dumbass apparently had NO idea that water plus electricity equals danger!”

So when Our Star abruptly stood and stepped in a water puddle … ZZZAAAAAPPP! … he and his gift guitar lit up like lightning!

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“Bieber tumbled into the pond,” said our spy, “which luckily broke the electrical connection, or Funk Brain woulda been fried forever!

“Realizing the danger he’d been in, Biebs screamed at pals for their giggles — and howled: ‘GET LOST!’”