Double Disaster!

John Schneider Wiped Out By Hazzard-ous Wife!

Financial woes as his marriage goes South!

john schneider marriage divorce
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“Dukes of Hazzard” legend John Schneider’s Louisiana home and movie studio got wiped out by a recent flood — and now he’s been cleaned out by a troubled marriage!

The 56-year-old star, who played Bo Hazzard in the iconic ‘80s TV series, was ordered to pay $18,911 every month to support his estranged wife of 22 years!

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Elly Castle won in court just weeks after raging water swept through John’s 58-acre film studio!

Shockingly, John — who says running his business “takes everything that I make” — got off easy with the ruling. Elly originally wanted a monthly haul of $31,000!