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John Belushi’s Meltdown Over Eric Clapton

Comedy star was wrecked over disrespect!

john belushi drugs meltdown
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John Belushi famously smashed a guitar in “Animal House” — but his own ego was smashed by guitar idol Eric Clapton!

“He worshipped Clapton,” says “On and On” singer Stephen Bishop, whose guitar is destroyed by Belushi’s Bluto Blutarsky in the 1978 comedy.

So thrilled Bishop would be seeing the guitarist in England, John insisted, “Tell him what a big fan I am and how much I love him.”

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When Bishop delivered the message, Clapton said, “Oh, that John Belushi who makes fun of Joe Cocker? I don’t like him!”

John, who famously mocked Cocker’s spastic dance moves on “Saturday Night Live,” was devastated when Bishop shared Clapton’s opinion.

“He got so upset,” said Bishop. “He was on an acid trip at the time — his wife, Judy, told me later — and he went into a big meltdown!”