Jodie Foster Mourning Death of Her 90-Year-Old Mother

Actress' mother died from complications related to dementia.

Jodie Foster Mourning Death of Her Mother
Jeff Vespa/WireImage

Rest in peace. Actress Jodie Foster is mourning the recent death of her mother, Evelyn “Brandy” Foster, who died on Monday, May 13 at age 90 from dementia complications, the family revealed.

Jodie’s mother previously manager her successful acting career up until she won an Oscar in 1991 for Silence of the Lambs.

“Evelyn was without a doubt the strongest person her family has ever met, a champion, a fighter, full of fire and love,” Jodie and her sisters wrote in an obituary obtained by People. “No one could beat her style, all five feet tall with naturally ‘cork screw’ hair. Her family will remember those dimple smiles and big hugs and well placed four letter words. No one messed with Nana, an original like no other. May she live in all of us forever.”

“She was raised in Rockford, Illinois but in the forties took her big band singing chops on the road to California. There she met Air Force Lieutenant Colonel Lucius Foster at a fencing match. They married and had four children together. Lucius went on to become a successful real estate developer in Los Angeles. Evelyn worked briefly as a Hollywood publicist for Arthur Jacobs, whose clients included Grace Kelly, Gregory Peck, James Stewart and Marilyn Monroe,” the obituary continued. “In her thirties, suddenly divorced and a single mother of four, Evelyn brought her entertainment savvy to managing the young acting career of her son Buddy best known as Ken Berry’s son in the series Mayberry RFD. At three, her youngest daughter Jodie landed her first commercial, the famed 60’s Coppertone ad. Evelyn successfully managed and guided her daughter’s career until her second Best Actress Oscar win in 1991 for The Silence of The Lambs.”

“Paris was her second home where she loved spending time walking the streets with her grandchildren and collecting art for her apartment on the Ile de St. Louis. Always happiest surrounded by beautiful things, you would find her on Sundays amid a pile of art and architecture magazines. She was a passionate world cinema lover and a liberal firebrand, always ahead of her time, with an opinion about virtually everything and a voice for social justice.”

“Her family will mourn her passing privately. In lieu of flowers, they suggest you look up at the sky, open your arms and say her name. She would get a kick of that,” the obituary concluded.

Jodie is now left without both of her parents, because in December 2011, Jodie’s dad, Lucius Foster, was found guilty on 21 counts of grand theft and is currently in prison.