The father of JODIE FOSTER faces 25 years behind bars after a jury convicted him of deceiving investors out of nearly $200,000.

Lucius Foster, 89, was found guilty Wednesday on 21 counts of grand theft, after taking $5,000 down-payments from 25 investors on low-cost homes that were never built; many of the victims were elderly and low-income.

Jodie Foster's Dad Facing 20 Years In Prison For Running Investment Scam

Foster – who’s estranged from his two-time Oscar winning daughter – was also convicted of nine counts of operating without a contractor’s license.

During closing arguments, Prosecutor Don Cocek said that not one of the homes – advertised as selling for $85,000 each – had been built.

After the verdict was announced, Judge Gregory Dohi was prepared to release Foster on his own recognizance pending sentencing until Foster told the court that he "doesn't accept" the verdict and intends to keep building houses and "give money back to all these people."

"I don't think you get it," the judge replied. "You can never do this kind of work again."

Another eight potential victims came forward to police after the trial began. The Los Angeles City Attorney’s office will probe these claims.

Foster – who acted as his own attorney during his trial – will be sentenced at 1:30 p.m. PST today.