Mike Walker

Joan Rivers Haunting ‘Fashion Police’ After Matt Lauer Freak-Out!

Spirited antics backstage on her old E! show!

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Mike Walker Reports… Joan, can we tawk?!…(‘Scuse me folks, but I need a quickie communique with my longtime good pal Joan Rivers…so chill, okay?)

So Joan, knowing you, I bet you’re still reading every damn gossip column on earth, so you saw my scoop about daughter Melissa warning Matt Lauer that some of his “Today” producers/pricks were trying to persuade her to freak out the “germaphobe” by passing him a packet of your hallowed ashes!

Joan Rivers: The Medical Blunders That Killed Her — Sick Surgical Selfies!

And here’s a scoop you’ll find HILARIOUS!

After Melissa admitted leaving bits of you sprinkled ‘round E!’s “Fashion Police” studio, staffers gasp that they keep hearing your voice, feel scary drafts – and even sniff whiffs of your perfume!! (Sweetie, send ME a sign! PLEEEEZE!! )