Mike Walker

Matt Lauer Explodes Over Joan Rivers’ Ashes

Furious at prank-playing 'Today' producers!

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Mike Walker Reports… Furious Matt Lauer literally burned to bury a few Backstage Bastards — aka certain “Today” producers — after Melissa Rivers squealed that the sneaky ghouls kept pestering her to “prank” the host during her on-air guest appearance by handing him a mini-pack of dead mom Joan Rivers’ cremated ashes — giggling that their star would flat-out freak because he’s a squirmy germ-a-phobe!

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Said My “Today” Tattler: “Matt turned 50 shades of ashen-grey after discovering some dingbat producers — knowing Melissa had gifted miniscule amounts of Joan’s ashes to beloved friends — urged her to publicly ‘prank, rattle and roll’ their boss!

Unearthing the plot, Matt went stone-faced as he read them the riot act, barking: ‘On what planet did you think that would be even remotely amusing??’

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“After Matt stormed off, the air-heads were still shaking in their boots!”

Yay, Melissa: You & Mom loved a laugh — but always knew what definitely ain’t funny!