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Justin Theroux Loves Jennifer Aniston — But Hates Her Friends

Actor avoiding his wife's BFFs!

justin theroux jennifer aniston marriage
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Jennifer Aniston’s A-list clique may be considered the crème de la crème of Hollywood, but there’s one person who isn’t impressed — her husband, Justin Theroux!

An insider told The National ENQUIRER that Justin can’t stand Jennifer’s tight-knit crew — including Courteney Cox and Chelsea Handler — because whenever they get together, all they do is drink and talk smack!

The “Girl on the Train” actor can barely handle an hour around the catty ladies — so he finds ways to be MIA when Jen hosts weekly luncheons.

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The 45-year-old even goes out on random bike rides when the women come by because he complains his house turns into a witch’s coven by the time they’re on their third bottle of wine!

“He thinks Chelsea’s got a foul mouth, and the moment she joins the party is the moment good manners disappear,” the source said.

“He believes Kate [Hudson] needs a sobriety coach, and Courteney needs surgery rehab!”