Mike Walker

Brad Pitt’s Miserable Dinner With Jennifer Aniston’s Husband

Hollywood spouses had a tough time!

brad pitt jennifer aniston justin theroux
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Mike Walker Reports… Eyes popped at a swanky Sunset Strip eatery when Jennifer Aniston’s new-ish hubby, Justin Theroux, suddenly strolled in … and dim-bulb waiters seated him smack beside a table occupied by Jen’s ex-mate, newly single Brad Pitt!

Said a staffer: “The joint turned into Siberia in seconds — that’s how icy it got in there when the guys spotted each other!

“Brad was visibly thrown off at seeing his first ex-wife’s new husband at the next table, so when Justin’s party was seated, he actually reversed his chair to avoid facing his nemesis while eating!

“They could’ve been big boys about it — mumbling ‘hello’ or giving a polite nod.

“But the two leading men, acting like babies, wouldn’t even acknowledge each other, and the tension was so thick you could cut it with a knife!”