Jennifer Aniston Goes To War With Charlize Theron Over Relationship With Her Ex-Husband Brad Pitt

The actress is still defensive of her ex-hubby!

Actresses Go To War Over Theron’s Relationship With Brad Pitt
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Jennifer Aniston has sent Charlize Theron a string of text messages over her rumored romance with Brad Pitt while fishing for information on their relationship.

And the brutal insults being hurled between the Brad rivals were so bad, Theron has blocked her number — and ordered her new man to do the same, a source says.

Sources close to Theron, 43, say Jennifer, 49, began texting her “out of the blue” when she heard Brad was on the scene.

“She was clearly fishing for info but Charlize is a smart girl and was wise to what she was up to,” our insider said. “She gave her short and swift back saying ‘Why are you texting me about him? Then it all blew up big time.”

The insider continued, “Charlize has told her to stop asking about it and says they will do what they want and was showing the messages to Brad saying, ‘What’s all this about?’ Charlize is known for being a lot cooler and more emotionally detached than Jennifer, so was able to laugh the whole thing off. But her relationship with Brad is earning her a lot of enemies, as Angelina is also fuming.”

The new couple first connected during an ad campaign last year. But Pitt’s estranged wife Angelina Jolie only heard rumors they had hit it off two weeks ago.

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Pitt, 55, and Theron have since been seeing each other “at least twice a week and are loving their time together” said our source.

They added: “Brad and Charlize don’t feel it’s something they have to explain or broadcast to anyone. So when Jen started getting feisty about it Charlize was having none of it.”

“The problem is Jen and Charlize both move in the same circles so it’s almost inevitable there’s going to be an almighty showdown at some point.” 

“He’s really stressed,” said a pal of the actor. “He knows Charlize isn’t the kind of woman who puts up with nonsense and she’ll fully expect him to be the one to sort his baggage from the past out — not her.”

They continued, “She was already majorly annoyed that Jen thought she could just confront her like that. She thinks Brad should be the one protecting her and blocking her out of their lives. She’ll only put up with that a few times or she’ll walk away if Brad doesn’t step up to the plate and take control.”

Despite meeting six months ago on the set of a Breitling watch ad campaign, it’s believed Brad and Charlize have only “seriously” been dating for the past month. Theron has two adopted children, August and Jackson, and it’s believed the actress’ ex Sean Penn encouraged them to get together.

Sources have claimed Theron and Brad’s estranged wife have been “feuding for years” over film roles.