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Should Meghan Markle Reconnect With Her Obnoxious Family?

The Duchess of Sussex’s brood embarrasses her … again!

Meghan Markle
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Queen Elizabeth has another reason to be pissed off! Meghan Markle’s half brother, Thomas Markle Jr., was arrested for a DUI on Friday, January 11. The 52-year-old failed a sobriety test after being stopped at 1:33 a.m. by Oregon State police. His father, Thomas Markle, later revealed that his son has a “serious problem” when it comes to drinking. Just what Meghan needs to worry about ahead of baby No. 1. How do you think the Duchess should approach her family life in this new year now that she’ll soon give birth?

Should Meghan Markle Reconnect With Her Obnoxious Family?

Continue to make her public apologies for her embarrassing family.
Give into her family’s pleas to bring them back into her life.
Cut them off and maintain the dignity of the Crown.
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Kevin Spacey is currently appearing … in court! The Oscar winning screen and stage giant entered a “not guilty” plea in response to allegations that he sexually assaulted a young man in Nantucket, Mass. In 2016. And as The National ENQUIRER reported recently, he’s still fielding job offers. Will you watch Kevin’s future performances?


Will You Ever Watch Kevin Spacey Perform Again?

No way – he’s done!
Maybe, depends on what he’s in.
Yes, whatever his demons, he’s a great actor!
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2018 brought us the Prince Harry-Meghan Markle royal wedding of the century as well as nuptials for Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth, Kaley Cuoco and Karl Cook, Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski and Gwyneth Paltrow & Brad Falchuk.


Wedding Of The Year: Who’s Next!

Jamie Foxx & Katie Holmes
Jennifer Lopez & Alex Rodriguez
Sandra Bullock & Bryan Randall
Goldie Hawn & Kurt Russell
Diane Kruger & Norman Reedus
John Mellencamp & Meg Ryan
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Macauley Culkin — 27 years after his first turn as Kevin McCallister, the sad but clever little boy terrorized after being left “Home Alone” for the holidays — reprises the role for new Google Assistant ads. The idea being, well, if he’d had the company’s voice-activated robots controlling the house, the bad guys wouldn’t have stood a chance. How do you feel about this?


Macauley Culkin Comes ‘Home Alone’ For Christmas — How do you feel about the child star’s shocking return?

Google’s scarier than Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern.
Why didn’t Google tell parents not to leave him in first place?
Just glad to see Macauley’s got a job!
All the above
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Thoughts and prayers — it seems nobody The National ENQUIRER covers generates more of them than the celebrities listed below. As we move into 2019, who among these stars do you hope to see pulling it together and putting their demons behind them?


If you could save one desperate star, who would it be?

Ben Affleck
Alec Baldwin
Pete Davidson
Johnny Depp
Selena Gomez
Heather Locklear
Demi Lovato
Hayden Pannettiere
Kanye West
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From miscreants to foot-in-mouth shockers, we saw several high-profile celebs sent into the cultural wilderness through 2018. Still, everyone loves a redemption story. Who among these outcasts, if any, do you think (fear?) will mount a comeback in 2019?


Comeback Watch — 2019’s Second Chance Hopefuls

Asia Argento
Roseanne Barr
Morgan Freeman
Megyn Kelly
Matt Lauer
Les Moonves
Bill O’Reilly
Charlie Rose
Kevin Spacey
Tom Wopat
Let’s hope none of ‘em!
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Disgraced and ditched “Today” host Matt Lauer has reportedly given up on making TV-news comeback for the moment and is plotting a move to New Zealand to become a fulltime rancher! Kicked to the curb after years at the top due to a long string of sexual harassment accusations, which he denies, do you think he deserves a second chance?


Matt Lauer: Disgraced ‘Today’ Exile Weighs Drastic Move — Should he stay or should he go?

Yes, he must have learned his lesson by now!
No, he’s a serial sleaze and should just go away!
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Jerry Springer returns to TV next fall as “Judge Jerry” — a “People’s Court”-styled show in which the former TV-talk host and Cincinnati mayor brings knack for trashy conflict to the dirty business of meting out justice. What’s your advance verdict on the show’s chances?


What’s your verdict on next season’s ‘Judge Jerry?’

Guilty — Springer in the court? Justice in time!
Not Guilty — This man in judge’s robes is a crime in itself.
Split Decision — I need more evidence, or at least an episode.
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“Real Housewives of New Jersey” stars Teresa Giudice and Joe Giudice have each served jail time for massive felony tax evasion. Now Joe is being deported to his native Italy for his crimes. Do you think he deserves to stay with his family in the U.S.?


Do you think Joe Giudice deserves to stay with his family in the U.S.?

Yes. He’s been punished enough!
No. He’s a non-U.S. citizen convicted of a serious felony.
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SNL star Pete Davidson apologized to war hero and newly elected congressman Dan Crenshaw for mocking the eye he lost in combat. Do you think he should have been fired for his callous comments?


Pete Davidson’s Apology — Too Little, Too Late?

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Hulk Hogan is back with the WWE — after being reinstated in the Hall of Fame for being properly repentant after The ENQUIRER exposed his troubling racist rants! Now Hulk is even back in the ring, starting with an appearance at the WWE Crown Jewel event in Saudi Arabia. He’s planning to stick around, too, promising to cut back on the bodybuilding so he won’t look like he “can beat up the whole WWE roster!” Is it too soon for Hulk to rebuild his career, or does the 65-year-old wrestler deserve to go out as a WWE star?


Hulk Hogan Back With The WWE — Too Soon Or Ready For A Comeback?

Too Soon — The Hulkster’s out of step with the times!
He’s Ready — Hulk has made his amends!
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Troubled star Johnny Depp is officially out as the star of Disney’s “Pirates of the Caribbean” films — but the studio is already set to reboot the hit series with the adventures of a new pirate! The franchise can afford a major star, too, so cast your own vote for the big names already being bandied about…


Who’ll Replace Johnny Depp As Disney’s Favorite Pirate?

Jim Carrey
Robert Downey Jr.
Hugh Jackman
Angelina Jolie
Matthew McConaughey
Sean Penn
Charlize Theron
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Bradley Cooper has a hit as the writer and director of “A Star is Born” — with the film settling into the top tier of the box office while getting a huge push for awards season! It’s all the more impressive that he’s pulled off the latest remake after three other acclaimed tellings of the showbiz saga about a woman on the rise and a man hitting rock bottom. Now it’s time to see where “A Star Is Born” 2018 ranks as people vote on their own favorite versions…


‘A Star Is Born’ — Which Version Is The True Classic?

“A Star Is Born” 2018: Lady Gaga/Bradley Cooper
“A Star Is Born” 1976: Barbra Streisand/Kris Kristofferson
“A Star Is Born” 1954: Judy Garland/James Mason
“A Star Is Born” 1937: Janet Gaynor/Fredric March
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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have announced the birth of their first royal baby — and bookies are already taking bets on what the child will be named! Now you can cast your own vote for what’s the most likely new moniker in the royal lineage…


What Will Meghan Markle Name Her Royal Daughter?

Alice (in honor of Prince Philip’s mother)
Diana (after Prince Harry’s mother)
Isabella (for several medieval queens)
Mary (from Queen Elizabeth’s middle name)
Victoria (for Queen Elizabeth’s paternal great-great-grandmother)
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What Will Meghan Markle Name Her Royal Son?

Alexander (From Queen’s middle name, Alexandra)
Alfred (for Alfred the Great, and others)
Albert (for Queen Elizabeth’s father)
Arthur (for Henry VII’s eldest son)
Philip (after Harry’s ailing grandfather)
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Julie Chen is out at the “The Talk,” and insiders say that Rosie O’Donnell is getting a big push to take over the show! The volatile former panel member on “The View” has already been given a guest shot while CBS looks to revive the show with a new host leading the ladies. Is it time for Rosie to return to daytime television?


Should Rosie O’Donnell Take Over On ‘The Talk’?

Yes — Rosie needs to be heard!
No — Rosie’s outstayed her welcome!
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Bill Cosby has been sentenced to at least 3 years in a Pennsylvania state prison for elderly offenders — with the 81-year-old comic told that he won’t serve more than 10 years behind bars! It’s the disgraced comic’s final fate after being found guilty of sexually assaulting Andrea Constand in 2004, although multiple other women have emerged to accuse Cosby of drugging and sexually assaulting them. What’s your opinion on the final ruling by Judge Stephen T. O’Neill?


Bill Cosby Prison Sentence — Too Lenient, Too Harsh, Or Justice At Last?

Too Lenient — Cosby’s gotten away with too much!
Too Harsh — Cosby’s an old man who’s already lost everything!
Justice At Last — Judge O’Neill did the right thing!

‘Dancing With the Stars’ is out to become a franchise, with ABC bringing in kids for the special “Juniors” edition premiering on Oct. 7. Producers are promising child stars and showbiz offspring, with both Honey Boo Boo and Bristol Palin’s son Tripp rumored to join the competition. But some critics are complaining that the show’s too demanding, with grown-ups celebs like Nancy O’Dell and Olympian Misty May-Treanor dropping out of past seasons over injuries. Would you let your kid join the “Juniors” cast?


‘Dancing With the Stars: Juniors’ — Reality Show Or Child Exploitation?

Yes — Let the kids take the spotlight!
No — Kids don’t need this pressure!
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Woody Allen creeped into a controversy when his longtime relationship with Mia Farrow broke up in 1991 — after she discovered he’d taken nude photos of her adopted daughter Soon-Yi Previn! Woody’s career was able to survive his sordid affair with the college student, and the couple even married in 1997. Now they’ve been together for 27 years — but are Woody and Soon-Yi still a creepy couple, or are they a touching twosome?


Woody Allen & Soon-Yi: Touching Twosome Or Creepy Couple?

Creepy — This romance should never have happened!
Touching — These two have proven their love!
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Roy Orbison died in 1988 — but the legendary “Pretty Woman” singer is back onstage as a hologram, with pre-recorded vocals backed by a live band! “Roy Orbison: The Hologram Tour” isn’t the only rock ‘n roll attraction on the road, though. Insiders say that Lisa Marie Presley is also looking at touring with an Elvis simulation. Michael Jackson’s family is also reportedly battling over plans to bring back the King of Pop in holographic form! Will you be paying to see a 3D recreation of your favorite dead idols?


Rock ‘n Roll Holograms — Hot Ticket Or Doomed Idea?

Yes — It’s a concert and a tribute!
No — This is rock ‘n roll exploitation!

Burt Reynolds had an incredible five-year run as America’s top box-office draw between 1977 and 1981. That left millions of fans looking back at the screen legend’s showbiz legacy after his tragic death. Now it’s time to vote for your favorite from Burt’s biggest hits — with a selection showing off the star’s incredible range!


What’s Your Favorite Burt Reynolds Movie?

Best Little Whorehouse in Texas (1982)
The Cannonball Run (1981)
Deliverance (1972)
Hooper (1978)
The Longest Yard (1974)
Semi-Tough (1977)
Smokey and the Bandit (1977)

Ben Affleck has wrecked his marriage and endangered his career over substance abuse — and now Jennifer Garner has personally escorted him into rehab yet again! Not even a parade of sober coaches have been able to keep the “Batman” star from indulging in addictions, and insiders say that Ben’s pushed his luck with multiple career comebacks. Will this trip to rehab finally get Ben sober for good?


Will Rehab Save Ben Affleck’s Life?

Yes — We’re not ready to give up on Ben!
No — But we’ll hope that we’re wrong!
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Natalie Wood’s body was found in the waters off Santa Catalina Island on the morning of November 29, 1981 — and the star’s mysterious death is once again making headlines with the new podcast series “Fatal Voyage: The Mysterious Death Of Natalie Wood.” Los Angeles homicide detectives want to interview Robert Wagner about his wife’s final night aboard their yacht, following earlier statements that he believes Natalie fell into the water while trying to secure a small boat. Now cast your own vote for if you believe Wagner’s telling the truth about the night of Natalie’s death…


Is Robert Wagner Telling The Truth About Natalie Wood’s Death?

Yes — Wagner’s right that Natalie’s death was an accident!
No — Natalie’s death left too many unanswered questions!
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Meghan Markle’s father says he has no way of contacting my daughter” — so Thomas Markle is giving overseas interviews about his fears over Prince Harry’s wife. Meanwhile, source tell The National ENQUIRER that even Queen Elizabeth is okay with snubbing Meghan’s dad. Is Thomas a great dad doing the right thing by going public, or is he a royal embarrassment who should keep his family drama to himself?


Meghan Markle’s Father Speaks Out — Great Dad Or Royal Embarrassment?

Great Dad — Thomas needs to keep an eye on Meghan!
Royal Embarrassment — Thomas needs to leave Meghan alone!
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Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright first worked together in 1998, but the actress says that she “was surprised, and ultimately saddened” to learn about her co-star being a sex fiend. Just days before, however, veteran NBC producer Mike Schur said that Spacey’s history of sexual harassment was “the most open secret that’s ever existed!” Do you believe Robin was truthful about not knowing about the behavior of her “House of Cards” co-star?


‘House of Cards’ Sex Scandal — Did Robin Wright Know About Kevin Spacey?

Yes — Sometimes stars are just co-workers!
No — Robin’s just protecting her show!
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Joe Jackson passed away at age 89 on June 27, 2018 — with his pop-star family coming together in a show of support! Joe spent his final days being publicly praised by Janet Jackson and her superstar siblings in the Jackson 5. Others, however, have blasted Joe as a tyrant whose obsession with fame ruined his marriage and turned Michael Jackson into a tragic figure. Will the pop patriarch finally be remembered as a hero or villain?


Joe Jackson — Showbiz Hero Or Family Villain?

Hero — Joe gave his kids an incredible life!
Villain — Joe left his kids paying a high price for fame!
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Bill Cosby is awaiting his sentencing on sexual assault charges — and now insiders have told The National ENQUIRER that he’s home alone during his house arrest. His wife Camille has reportedly given up on her long marriage to the once-beloved comic after decades of standing by her man. Should the showbiz wife still be at Bill’s side?


Should Camille Cosby Leave Bill Cosby?

Yes — Camille deserves to walk out if she’s ready!
No — Camille has been around too long to leave him now!
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Heather Locklear is back in the headlines after being rushed to the hospital after her latest meltdown — just four months after being arrested for assaulting local cops! But the former “Melrose Place” star seems to be just the latest in a series of troubled stars who’ve stayed in the headlines after multiple arrests. Are the cops going too easy on celebrities?


Does The Law Treat Celebrities Differently?

Yes — Anyone else would already be behind bars!
No — Troubled stars aren’t career criminals!
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Morgan Freeman was blasted for sexual harassment in a bombshell CNN report — but the screen legend is fighting back! Female reporters and production staffers say that he’s made inappropriate comments, including asking a young woman: “Do you fool around with older guys?” Morgan is insisting that he was only using humor to make people “feel appreciated and at ease around me.” Now he’s going after a retraction from the news network. Is it really time for Morgan to be in exile?


Morgan Freeman: Dirty Old Man Or Getting A Bum Rap?

Yes — Morgan’s behavior was seriously inappropriate!
No — Morgan was just gently joking!
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Kanye West has endorsed Donald Trump, made controversial statements on slavery, and is now using bombshell photos of Whitney Houston’s drug den as an album cover! Kim Kardashian, however, has mostly stayed quiet during her husband’s recent scandals. Should the reality star interfere as Kanye keeps making headlines?


Kim & Kanye — Should She Put Her Foot Down Over Her Husband?

No — Kim should let Kanye be Kanye!
Yes — Kim can step in and save his career!
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There are some superstars who don’t make you get up early or stay up late — and they even skip the panel shows to bravely go it alone! Now it’s time to vote for your favorite daytime TV personality, no matter when you get around to watching them…


Who’s America’s Favorite Daytime TV Host?

Wayne Brady (“Let’s Make a Deal”)
Drew Carey (“The Price is Right”)
Ellen DeGeneres (“Ellen”)
Steve Harvey (“Steve”)
Dr. Mehmet Oz (“The Dr. Oz Show”)
Maury Povich (“Maury”)
Rachael Ray (“The Rachael Ray Show”)
Wendy Williams (“The Wendy Williams Show”)
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Actresses work hard in Hollywood to maintain their youth — but actors get to look their real age! There may be some subtle nips and tucks for stars over 60, but we’re still offering up a proudly mature selection of hunks to choose from in this Hollywood pageant. Vote for more than one favorite as we tally up the winner…


Hollywood’s Sexiest Actor Over 60

Jeff Bridges

Pierce Brosnan

Harrison Ford

Tom Hanks

Samuel L. Jackson

Liam Neeson

Robert Redford

Tom Selleck

Denzel Washington

Bruce Willis

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Keanu Reeves has confirmed that he’s signed on for a new “Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure” — which will hopefully do better than failed comedy comebacks like “Blues Brother 2000” and “Dumb and Dumber To.” But other laugh riots are sorely missed — so cast your vote for which cast needs to reunite to tickle America’s funnybones…


Which Comedy Cast Needs To Make A Big-Screen Return?

Austin Powers
Coming to America
Galaxy Quest
Groundhog Day
My Cousin Vinny
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All the top news organizations aspire to being America’s most-trusted media outlets. America, however, is only growing more mistrustful. Now you can cast your vote for the news organizations that’s least likely to convince you about anything! Who do you trust the least?


Who’s The Least-Trusted Source In News?

ABC News
CBS News
FOX News
NBC News
New York Times
The New Yorker
Washington Post
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The birth of Prince William and Kate Middleton’s newest prince shows that America still cares about the British royal family. Now it’s time to decide who in the House of Windsor has really won over its former subjects — as ENQUIRER readers vote on which royal is their real favorite!


Who’s Your Favorite Member Of The Royal Family?

Queen Elizabeth
Prince Charles
Prince William
Prince Harry
Kate Middleton
Meghan Markle
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Khloé Kardashian served up lots of drama with the birth of her daughter True Thompson — as she was rushed to the hospital with early contractions after learning her NBA star baby daddy was caught with other women! Now insiders say that Khloé still believes Tristan Thompson can be a faithful father. Should the reality star give Tristan another chance?


Should Khloé Kardashian Really Take Tristan Back?

Yes — A child needs a father!
No — Khloe doesn’t need a cheating baby daddy!
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Bill Cosby dodged a rape conviction in 2017 with a hung jury. Now he’s back in court for a second time to face charges of drugging and raping Andrea Constand in 2004. Since then, multiple accusers have come forward with similar claims. Knowing his past history, could you be an impartial juror in a Bill Cosby trial?


Could You Be An Impartial Juror In A Bill Cosby Trial?

Yes — Prosecutors still have to prove their case!
No — Cosby’s accusers are all too believable!
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There’s never been a First Couple like Donald Trump and Melania. Now they’re fighting back from the White House as the political infighting once again turns very personal. Do you believe that President Trump’s marriage will survive these intimate attacks?


Donald Trump & Melania — Will The First Couple Survive The First Four Years?

Yes — it’s true love in the White House
No — the scandals are just beginning!
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“Sex and the City” star Cynthia Nixon is out to become governor of New York, and former soap stud Antonio Sabato Jr. is a Congressional candidate out of California. But they aren’t the only celebs who’ve seriously considered political campaigns — while others have been approached by politicians to join their ranks. Which one of these stars would get your first vote for political office?


Which Celebrity Do You Want Running For Office?

Ben Affleck
Roseanne Barr
George Clooney
Fran Drescher
Tom Hanks
Caitlyn Jenner
Angelina Jolie
Ashley Judd
Dwayne Johnson
Tim McGraw
Will Smith
Kanye West
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“American Idol” has found a new audience on ABC, while “The Voice” is hit for NBC — and FOX looks to launch a new franchise with “The Four.” There’s also some surprises on “America’s Got Talent.” Which reality music competition keeps you tuning in the most?


Which Music Reality Show Are You Cheering For?

America’s Got Talent
American Idol
The Four
The Voice
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Donald Trump is ready to sit down with North Korea dictator Kim Jong-un in an unprecedented meeting — but some people don’t think that’s progress! Cast your vote to decide whether President Trump should be sitting down with the global villain for disarmament talks, after months of seriously slamming the North Korean leader…

Does Donald Trump Deserve Praise For Meeting With Kim Jong-un?

YES — President Trump created a huge opportunity!
NO — There’s no negotiating with a madman!
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Dolly Parton says it’s time to remake the classic 1980 comedy “9 to 5” for a new generation — and there are a few generations of stars ready to take over for Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin, and Dolly herself. Cast your vote for the gal you’d most like to see in the workplace, and we’ll take a Top Three of new talent!

Who’s The Star Of The “9 to 5” Remake?

Sandra Bullock
Taraji P. Henson
Angelina Jolie
Nicole Kidman
Jennifer Lawrence
Melissa McCarthy
Julia Roberts
Emma Watson
Rebel Wilson
Reese Witherspoon
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When it comes to the Academy Awards, Billy Crystal is the host to beat. Sadly, he’s only shown up three times over the past 20 years. Since then, the Oscars have scrambled to find a new star. This year’s Oscars feature  Jimmy Kimmel as the the first host to appear two years in a row since 1998 — but who’s been your favorite Oscars host for the past 20 years?


Who’s The Best Oscars Host Of The Past 20 Years?

Whoopi Goldberg (1999, 2002)
Steve Martin (2001, 2003)
Chris Rock (2005, 2016)
Jon Stewart (2006, 2008)
Ellen DeGeneres (2007, 2014)
Hugh Jackman (2009)
Steve Martin & Alec Baldwin (2010)
James Franco & Anne Hathaway (2011)
Seth MacFarlane (2013)
Neil Patrick Harris (2015)
Jimmy Kimmel (2017, 2018)
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“Will & Grace” and “The X-Files” have been welcomed back — with “Murphy Brown” on the way, and even Jerry Seinfeld and Jennifer Aniston saying they’d consider returning to “Seinfeld” and “Friends.” Which ’90s show do you want brought back next with original cast members?


What’s The Next ’90s Show To Reboot?

Ally McBeal
Everybody Loves Raymond
Home Improvement
Married…with Children
Northern Exposure
Spin City
3rd Rock from the Sun
Created with PollMaker

Natalie Wood was found dead on Nov. 29, 1981 — and there are still plenty of mysteries about how her body was found floating off of Catalina Island in California. The original ruling of an accidental death was reopened by the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department in 2011, with detectives still trying to interview the screen legend’s dashing husband. 36 years later, do you believe that Robert Wagner is responsible for the death of Natalie Wood?



Is Robert Wagner Responsible For The Death Of Natalie Wood?

Yes — there are too many unanswered questions!
No — Natalie’s death was just a tragedy!
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The 2018 Winter Olympics have already become a scandal for NBC — with the network caught up in controversy over who’s being sent to cover the games! Megyn Kelly is reportedly fuming over Katie Couric being brought in after Matt Lauer was sent packing from “Today” — as she’s the only regular left behind at the studio. Bob Costa is also sitting out the Olympics for the first time since 1992. But now you can cast your own votes to let NBC know who you want to see hosting on your Olympics dream team!


Who Should NBC Have Sent To The Olympics?

Katie Couric
Bob Costas
Carson Daly
Savannah Guthrie
Jimmy Fallon
Lester Holt
Megyn Kelly
Hoda Kotb
Al Roker
Brian Williams


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A lot of stars celebrated the Academy Awards nominations for 2018 — but there were also some shocking omissions! Golden Globe winner James Franco couldn’t even get a nomination for “The Disaster Artist” in the wake of sexual harassment charges, but other forgotten films baffled Oscar followers. Which cinematic snub really stood out as the biggest disappointment?


What’s The Biggest Oscar Snub Of 2018?

“I, Tonya” for Best Picture
Tom Hanks (“The Post”) for Best Actor
Tiffany Haddish (“Girls Trip”) for Best Supporting Actress
James Franco (“The Disaster Artist”) for Best Actor
Steven Spielberg (“The Post”) for Best Director
“Wonder Woman” for every category


Janet Jackson has been banned from the Super Bowl Halftime Show since baring her breasts in 2004. The pop star who ripped off her top, however, is headlining this year’s game! Janet’s now in the midst of a huge comeback following her divorce and a pregnancy — but should she be allowed to reunite with Justin for Super Bowl 52?


Should Janet Jackson Come Back To The Super Bowl?

Yes — Bring back Janet!
No — Keep the Super Bowl safe!

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