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Howard Stern Blasts ‘P***y’ Simon Cowell Over Mel B Rescue Claim

Says ‘X-Factor’ impresario who stole best friend’s wife is no ‘shining knight’

howard stern simon cowell feud

The fire from Mel B’s raging divorce battle just reignited the feud between her “America’s Got Talent” boss Simon Cowell and former “AGT” judge Howard Stern — who said that Mr. Nasty should ‘jump off a cliff’ and ‘fix his floppy man t**s!’

Howard’s invective outburst came in reaction to multiple reports of Cowell’s support for his employee and costar Mel B., who, in recent court filings, painted her estranged husband Stephen Belafonte as a monster.

As reported in The National ENQUIRER, Stephen allegedly abused Mel, the Spice Girl also known as Melanie Brown, both mentally and physically — even forcing her into three-way sex trysts that he recorded for blackmail purposes.

“He jumped in and fought off her husband?” Stern asked mockingly on his daily radio show. “I bet, a real man. He should jump off a cliff, f***ing maniac —that guy is such a f***ing douche bag.”

Animosity clearly remains from Simon’s reported efforts in 2015 to bump Howard from that summer’s run of the hit NBC talent show, and take his place. As an insider told The ENQUIRER at the time, Stern was “freaked out” and felt “weird and uncomfortable” when emails between Simon and other show executives floated the replacement scheme.

Challenging Simon’s status as a “moral compass,” Howard dipped into Simon’s romantic history. The mega-millionaire TV producer is currently partnered with Lauren Silverman, 39, whom he reportedly knocked up while she was still married to Simon’s best friend Andrew Silverman.

“He’s the greatest, like when he jumped into steal that guy’s wife.” Stern ranted. “He’s no knight in shining armor. Unless you’re a hot chick and you’re in a marriage that I guess you want to get out of, and then he might jump in…. He’s such a p***y. He’s such a liar.”