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Howard Stern Blasts Kelly Ripa Over Quitting

Snarky shock jock reprimands host for not coming to work!

howard stern & kelly ripa
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Howard Stern has amped up his feud with ex-BFF Kelly Ripa!

The bad blood started when 63-year-old Howard ripped the daytime diva for playing hooky after then co-host Michael Strahan announced he was leaving for “Good Morning America.”

“If I felt comfortable calling her I would have said, ‘Take a breath. Go into work,’” Howard said on his radio show in April 2016. “When it comes to work, you can’t punish the audience and you can’t walk off work.”

He then dissed 46-year-old Kelly again — comparing the grueling prep he does for his hours-long radio gig to her gabfest, “Live.” Howard sniped to sidekick Robin Quivers, “A day of our show is a week of Kelly Ripa’s show!”

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Amazingly, Howard and Kelly were once so close that her hubby, Mark Consuelos, officiated at Howard’s wedding to second wife Beth Ostrosky! But that didn’t stop Howard from blasting Kelly with both barrels.

“There wasn’t one day when I was being f–ked with that I didn’t show up for work,” he snapped when the Strahan scandal exploded.

Howard even bashed Kelly for her fat paycheck, adding: “We’ve all been humiliated and we don’t make 20 million.”