All Wet!

Hoda Kotb Brainstorms Over Steamy Shower Sessions

'Today' host likes to suds up and let it flow!

hoda kotb hot shower brainstorm
Getty Images

There are no filthy thoughts for Hoda Kotb, who lets her squeaky clean mind do all the dirty work — under a steady stream of hot water!

The “Today” co-host boasted that her very best, most brilliant brainstorms always pop up during hot, steamy showers!

“Hoda admits she takes forever under the waterworks,” a pal snitched to The National ENQUIRER.

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“She says it’s her favorite quiet place to do her best thinking.

“There aren’t any distractions, so she can relax — and let the ideas flow like a river!”

And as we know from our earlier reporting, Hoda breaks ranks with co-host Kathie Lee Gifford about any other kind of waterworks while she’s showering.