Mike Walker

Kathie Lee Gifford PEES When She Showers

And it’s all in the name of water conservation!

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K.L.G. goes P.E.E. when she showers? SAY IT AND SPRAY IT DEPT.: “Today” viewers got golden showers with their on-air chitty-chat when Hoda Kotb bragged she’d cleverly caught cohost Kathie Lee Gifford copping to the not-so-dirty deed of peeing while showering.

But Kath wasn’t pissed-off, stating calmly: “It’s so much smarter to do that — do you know how much water is wasted each time you flush?”

After taping ended, Hoda still wouldn’t flush the subject, bugging KLG to confess, saying, “So you admit it — you DO pee in the shower!”

Said My Today Tattler: “Kathie just rolled her eyes and told Hoda to stop being ridiculous — just think of water conservation!”