Tragic Twist!

Heather Locklear’s Crazed Late-Night Calls From Rehab

'Melrose Place' star still struggling to get straight!

heather locklear rehab drug scandals
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Heather Locklear has been holed up in rehab for more than a month after a series of embarrassing arrests.

Now, say insiders, the star is going stir-crazy while blitzing boyfriend Chris Heisser with furious phone calls!

The 56-year-old “Melrose Place” mess checked in for treatment after her June 24 arrest.

Heather was accused of attacking a cop who’d responded to a call saying that the boozing blonde was suicidal over fears that Chris was cheating on her.

The former “Dynasty” beauty is reportedly now set to be released “sometime in October,” but insiders are saying that Heather is only getting worse while in treatment!

“She’s climbing the walls in there,” said one insider, adding that Heather calls up Chris “three times a day, often screaming.”