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Halle Berry: Classmates Blast Her Claims Of Being Bullied

Says racism ruined her high school years!

Halle Berry

Halle Berry is boo–hooing about being bullied in high school, but old classmates claimed her sob story is bunk — and she was “treated like a queen!”

“Because my mother was white and my father was black, we got called Oreos,” the 51-year-old Oscar winner recently said of her and her sister’s experience at Bedford High School in suburban Cleveland, Ohio.

“We were the brunt of a lot of jokes,” she complained, adding she was abused “because of the color of my skin.”

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But past pals told a different story!

“She was popular. She was a cheerleader!” one furious former friend posted on Facebook.

Another irate classmate called it “curious” Halle “left out the fact she was elected prom queen,” and said girls “wanted to look like her” and guys “had massive crushes on her and wanted to date her.”