Gloria Vanderbilt’s Secret Lesbian Love!

It was news to her son!

Gloria vanderbilt getty
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Gay newscaster Anderson Cooper got the shock of his life when mega-rich mom Gloria Vanderbilt confessed that SHE once had a lesbian experience!

Gloria, 92, revealed details about a past relationship that not even her son knew.

“When I went to [Miss Porter’s School in] Farmington, I went through a brief so-called lesbian relationship with a girl in school,” dished the high society matron while promoting the upcoming HBO documentary about their relationship.

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“Cynthia, her name was, and she came once to visit my aunt in New York on holiday. We had this sort of lesbian relationship and it felt so great.”

A startled Anderson, 48, revealed that he had not heard this story before.

“What? Hello! This is news to me,” Cooper said. “You didn’t mention this in the book, Mom!”