Danger Behind!

George Clooney’s Crash Foreseen By Psychic

Recovering star shaken by words he failed to heed!

george clooney motorbike crash
Getty Images/Nikk,flikcr

George Clooney survived his scary scooter accident in Sardinia — the one that hard-landed him in an Italian hospital with a battered pelvis, bumps and bruises after colliding head-on with a car!

If only the “Gravity” star had listened to a psychic pal three months ago!

But the levelheaded actor didn’t heed the otherworldly warning … and got leveled!

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“George and Amal were saying their goodbyes at a swanky private dinner party in L.A. when a psychic guest whispered she foresaw a crash landing,” a friend told The National ENQUIRER.

“She urged he could change his fate — by staying off dangerous scooters and cycles.”

But the father of twins totally pooh-poohed the sage’s advice.

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“George didn’t listen, telling his wife he didn’t believe in such nonsense,” the pal continued.

“Now, he’s shaking in his boots — because he didn’t take it seriously!”