Mike Walker

Gal Gadot: How Wonder Woman Now Owns Hollywood

Her humble salary is about to pay off big!

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Mike Walker Reports… Gollywood’s suddenly ga-ga-goo-goo over brand-new “Wonder Woman” box office giant Gal Gadot!

Some outraged fans have complained about Gal’s modest $300,000 salary for the massive hit, but now money-grubbing moguls have dubbed her their own “Gal Godde$$!”

Said My Wonder Whisperer: “It’s an astounding turnaround!

“Just weeks ago, Mike Walker scooped how nasty internet trolls were shading Gal’s allegedly teeny breasts!

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“But after her sudden surprise lightning strike of worldwide rave reviews, megabuck$$ profits, plus scoring the biggest-ever weekend opening for a female director, Hollywood’s now literally stalking the perky 32-year-old!

“Studios are sending crates of movie scripts, promising Gal first pick of every litter — even before heavyweights like Scarlett Johansson, Jennifer Lawrence and Anne Hathaway!

“Gal’s not just a Wonder Woman — she’s already a certifiable superstar!”