Thigh, Oh My!

Fox News: Secrets Of Their Pervy Leg-Cam

Sick corporate culture caught on video!

fox news leg cam sexist

It’s called the “leg cam!”

The National ENQUIRER has learned the frat boys at FOX News — already scandalized by the ouster of chairman Roger Ailes and top-rated host Bill O’Reilly over claims they sexually harassed women staffers — use a special camera to show off the gorgeous gams of its female talent!

The “leg cam” is most often used on the afternoon show “The Five,” where panelists sit around a table, according to a source.

FOX honchos rate the female panelists “by degree of attractiveness of the legs,” revealed David Folkenflik, National Public Radio media correspondent.

“They put the woman with the best legs ‘on the right front’, and they have a camera that goes directly for the legs!

“And so essentially they have what they call the ‘leg cam.’”

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The “tawdry tactic,” a source added, “was practically a formalized policy.”

And while O’Reilly is just the latest to fall from the pedestal, the folks at FOX don’t seem to be getting the message.

Jesse Watters, co-host of “The Five,” made a lewd reference about Ivanka Trump, making remarks during a recent trip to Germany.

A leering, grinning Watters remarked — while making an inappropriate hand gesture — that he “really liked how she was speaking into that microphone.”