Disbarred Defender!

F. Lee Bailey: Disgraceful Fall For O.J. Simpson Attorney

Legendary lawyer's career was ruined by scandal!

F. Lee Bailey
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After helping O.J. Simpson dodge a double murder rap in 1995, legendary attorney F. Lee Bailey’s fall from grace was almost as stunning as that of the former gridiron great!

Once a jet-setting courtroom star who represented the rich and infamous, Bailey was accused of misappropriating funds from his defense of an alleged drug dealer and was disbarred in 2001.

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Now the broke 83-year-old ex-barrister — who still believes O.J. is innocent — lives in Maine with his hairstylist girlfriend and runs a consulting business above her salon.

“I won’t say it’s depressing, because I don’t think I ever get depressed,” Bailey confessed to The National ENQUIRER.