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I’m Cig And Tired Of Your Smoking, Eva Mendes Tells Ryan Gosling!

The new mom wants her baby daddy to quit for their daughters.

Eva Mendes Ryan Gosling Kids — She Wants Him To Quit Smoking Cigarettes
Eva Mendes has ordered baby daddy Ryan Gosling to snuff the smokes — for the sake of their family!
The “Hitch” hottie, 42, and Ryan, 35, welcomed daughter Amada Lee on April 29, just 19 months after the birth of first child Esmeralda!
“She’s focused on raising her kids in a clean and healthy environment,” a source spilled. “It worries her terribly that Ryan’s endangering his health even though he’s a father of two!”
Ryan has tried quitting many times, insiders said, but always seems to fall off the wagon when he’s working.
“Eva’s told him it’s no longer acceptable,” an insider dished.
“The thought of Ryan getting sick from smoking is something that’s plaguing her.
“She thinks the least he can do is quit, not just for his sake, but the kids!”