Mike Walker

Ryan Gosling-Eva Mendes Freaky-Peekin’ Rivaled By Zac Efron’s ICY Lickings!

The latest in celebrity sex kinks!

Zac Efron Ice Cream Lover

Just came up with a new feature idea: “STARRY SEX KINKS!”

Sounds like our kinda fun, right, gang?

Got the idea when I squealed weeks back about Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes heavy-breathing about doing The Naughty in nearly public places like parks and parked cars — while shivering at the thrill of fans like you actually catching them IN THE ACT!

So here’s my “STARRY SEX KINK” scoop du jour! Zac Efron LUSTS for icy-cold yummy-lickin’, says Sweet Spy Candy Toppings: “Our ‘Dirty Grandpa’ star secretly goes sex NUTS when ice cream’s licked off his hot, hot bod … so he always keeps gallons of freeze-y aphrodeeze-iac on hand!”

Ew, shiv-aaah!