Rockers At Risk!

Elton John And Bob Dylan Knocking On Death’s Door!

Fans fear for the health of aging rockers.

Elton John Wearing Yellow and Silver Glasses With Floral Embroided Blue Military Inspired Jacket at Piano, Bob Dylan Wearing Black Hat and Country Inspired Embroided Gray Blazer At Microphone
MEGA; Getty Images

Roly-poly Rocket Man Elton John is feared to be on his last legs now that his crumbling hips can barely hold his weight!

Our spies caught 72-year-old diva Elton John being driven right up to the theater door for The Lion King premiere at a London theater — because sources said he can’t carry his own weight down the red carpet!

The latest health alarms for Captain Fantastic rang out just three months after cameras caught the “I’m Still Standing” crooner being rolled along in a wheelchair, reportedly due to a sprained ankle, while on vacation in Italy with his filmmaker husband, David Furnish, 56.

“Elton’s not got long left,” a shocked source close to Elton’s security team tattled. “He’s so fat he can barely breathe!”

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Sources said Elton, who did not respond to a request for comment by The National ENQUIRER, spent the entire Lion King after-party lounging in a chair.

“His hips are shot, and his constant weight fluctuations do him no favors,” an insider squealed. “When you take into account the decades he spent boozing, taking drugs and having wild sex, you have a man who’s just done in!”

Meanwhile shocked fans believe Bob Dylan is also “knock-knock-knocking on heaven’s door!”

The singer barely made it through a shockingly uneven performance in London’s Hyde Park on July 12.

Dylan, 78, hid behind a piano for almost the entire show, and when he tried to stand, he could barely stay on his feet long enough to croak out two songs.

“It felt like the last time we’ll ever see him perform here in the U.K.,” one stunned fan said.

Sources in the crowd said Dylan took “ages” to shuffle from his piano seat to the microphone and looked more like a stooped old man on his last legs than the frontman of a rock ’n’ roll spectacular!

He also seemed disoriented, observers said.

“He spent most of the gig mumbling incoherently to himself,” a source added.

Insiders believe that his hard living in the ’60s may have caught up with the “Hard Rain” singer, who didn’t respond to a request for comment.