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Bob Dylan Accused Of Stealing Lines From Literature

Folk legend plagiarizing from classic novels?

bob dylan
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Bob Dylan gave a stirring lecture for his 2017 Nobel Prize for Literature, but critics say he stole the words from someone else’s back pages — and even faked a quote from “Moby Dick!”

The 76-year-old “Blowin’ in the Wind” singer finally submitted his speech — just in time to ensure his nearly million-dollar payday — and focused on the relationship between literature and music.

Numerous phrases and ideas appear to have been lifted from an online study guide, according eagle-eyed critics.

Bob Dylan: Lay, Lady, Lay & Run!

While the theft was not wholesale, Northwestern University literature professor Juan Martinez says: “If Dylan was in my class and he submitted an essay with these plagiarized bits, I’d fail him.”

The folk legend also “quoted” the Herman Melville classic “Moby Dick” — but the cited passage isn’t in the novel!