Mike Walker

‘Cheap’ Drew Barrymore Vs. Angry Bum

Movie star had a too-real L.A. encounter!

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Mike Walker Reports… Drew Barrymore literally didn’t know what the hell had hit her after a creepy old bum begged the “Charlie’s Angels” star for spare change!

The guy was outside a trendy L.A. gourmet ice cream store whining: “Do you have 25 cents?”

Sweetie Drew smiled, handed over a quarter — and shrieked in shock when the smelly scumbag flung it back in her face!

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Raged My Furious Ice-Screaming Eyewitness: “This resident bum was bugging people outside — and when Drew joined the queue, he got up in her face and begged for 25 cents.

“But when she reached into her bag and handed him a quarter, he screamed she was a cheapskate and pegged it right at her kisser!

“Drew, terrified, ran inside — while people in line angrily warned the vicious nut to get lost!”