Drew Barrymore — Inside Her Rehab Hell At 13 Years Old

Tragic story of showbiz's youngest comeback!

Drew Barrymore was forced to enter rehab at the age of 13 — after her mother became terrified that her daughter was killing herself by binging on booze and cocaine! The National ENQUIRER had the entire shocking story of Drew’s horrifying slide toward self-destruction, with a worldwide bombshell exclusive revealing in January 1989 that the “E.T.” star had joined the ranks of Hollywood’s troubled child stars. Looking back, Drew recently told comic Norm Macdonald on his Netflix talk show that “nothing would make me have a panic attack and seem like a bigger nightmare” than doing drugs again. She added that cocaine “literally seems like my worst nightmare right now.” But before all that, Drew had to see her addiction exposed on the cover of The ENQUIRER at a young age — but added that the humiliation also saved her life, and kept her from a ruined career…