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Dolly Parton Slams Miley For Quitting Marriage, Sources Say

Singer’s godmother upset with Hemsworth split.

Dolly Parton Slams Miley Cyrus For Quitting Marriage
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Country queen Dolly Parton is ripping goddaughter Miley Cyrus for not giving her seven-month marriage a chance!

With a 53-year union to hubby Carl Dean, the “9 to 5” star blames partying pothead Miley for not trying to work things out with hunky 29-year-old Aussie Liam Hemsworth!

“Dolly’s very disappointed!” tattled a source.

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“She told Miley, ‘You think marriage is easy? If I went runnin’ the other way every time Carl and I had problems, we wouldn’t have lasted 50 minutes, much less 50 years!”

Dolly, 73, is also said to be livid over 26-year-old Miley flaunting her affair with 30-year-old Kaitlynn Carter — a romance many believe started even before she split from Liam (though Miley has denied it)!

Miley Cyrus Wearing Chanel One Piece Bathing Suit, Chanel Necklace and Sunglasses With Kaitlynn Carter Wearing Hat And Stripped One Piece Bathing Suit

Miley Cyrus, left, having fun in the sun with Kaitlynn Carter. Photo: Kaitlynn Carter/Instagram

“Dolly has had her affairs over the years, but she’s never believed you need to make a public spectacle out of it,” another friend said.

“She told Miley she was just rubbing Liam’s nose in it!”