Dolly Parton’s Shocking Plastic Face Fiasco!

‘Jolene’ Star Looking Like The Joker

Dolly Parton with Botx and Fillers on Left and Dolly Parton with Botox and Fillers Fallen on Right
Getty Images; MEGA

Country queen Dolly Parton has wrecked her gorgeous looks after going under the knife too many times to count!

The “Jolene” singer sported her usual over-the-top hairstyle and caked-on makeup while launching her new Pirates Voyage & Dinner Show in Pigeon Forge, Tenn., on June 7, but she also unveiled a jaw-dropping new face!

“She had a smile like the Joker [the Batman villain] and couldn’t seem to move her face much,” observed an insider.

Although the 73-year-old music legend has been open about embracing cosmetic procedures to stay youthful, insiders claim she’s now addicted to nips and tucks! “Dolly wants to feel her best and that means getting rid of any sags, lines or wrinkles,” spilled a source.

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“She’s had so much done over the years and when she starts to see drooping, she books an appointment with her surgeon. To her, it’s almost like a spa date!”

But doctors have warned if the 9 to 5 star, who did not respond to a request for comment, continues to binge on cosmetic touch-ups, her mug could end up permanently disfigured!

Dr. Anthony Youn, a top plastic surgeon in Troy, Mich., agreed that Dolly appears to have undergone several face-lifts!

“Multiple face-lifts, combined with Botox, filler and a corner mouth-lift [will] give her the Joker smile that you see,” said Dr. Youn.

“I suspect multiple face-lifts have caused her neckline and jawline to look tight and stretched. This usually doesn’t happen after one or two face-lifts, but more than that can result in the stretched look.”

Dolled-up Dolly has apparently splurged on so many procedures, “it’s more what hasn’t she done?” Dr. Youn added. “I suspect that she’s undergone several cosmetic treatments, such as Botox to smooth wrinkles, fillers into her lips and cheeks, brow-lift, eyelid-lifts, and multiple cosmetic treatments to smooth her skin.”

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Other medical experts suspect Dolly may have even suffered facial paralysis or a stroke that’s affected her speech! After reviewing recent videos of Dolly at The National ENQUIRER’s request, New York internist Dr. Stuart Fischer noted the Steel Magnolias star sometimes slurs her words.

A “stroke or ministroke can damage the brain cells controlling speech,” which could explain her problems speaking, according to Dr. Fischer.

Florida-based physician Dr. Gabe Mirkin added: “The odds are she had Bell’s palsy, a sudden paralysis of the muscles on the side of her face.”

Dolly has also recently been hit by tragedy, including the drug overdose death of 36-year-old niece Tever Parton in 2017, the losses of pal Burt Reynolds and her brother Floyd Parton last year and the grave illness of her long-time country singing partner Kenny Rogers.

The doctors quoted in this story have not treated Dolly Parton.