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Dennis Rodman’s North Korea Drug Mission

Bad boy baller shilling for cyber currency company!

dennis rodman north korea potcoin

Dennis Rodman claimed his trip to North Korea is to foster world peace — but The National ENQUIRER has learned it’s actually a publicity stunt to promote a cyber currency that pays for pot!

Sources told The ENQUIRER the NBA Hall of Famer was on a misguided “mission” to trumpet “PotCoin”, which aims to be the standard form of payment for legalized marijuana.

“Headed back to North Korea. Thank you for sponsoring my mission,” Dennis tweeted just before flying from Beijing, China, to Pyongyang, the North Korean capital. He was photographed wearing a T-shirt emblazoned with the PotCoin logo.

Dennis Rodman Still Loves Kim Jong-Un

PotCoin was founded in 2014 to provide a means for legal sellers of cannabis to conduct financial transactions outside the banking industry, which has largely shunned weed growers, sellers and buyers.

Dennis’ trip comes at an awkward time. American tourist Otto Warmbier was released from North Korean custody as the former NBA superstar visited the Asian country ruled by his despot pal, Kim Jong-un.

This is Dennis’ fifth visit to North Korea, but insisted, “I’m just here to see some friends and have a good time.”