Cool Kim!

Dennis Rodman Still Loves Kim Jong-un

Basketball legend praises madman's all-day bowling!

dennis rodman kim jong-un
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After years of avoiding the media, Dennis Rodman is now talking about one of his favorite people — Kim Jong-un!

The NBA Hall of Famer made the startling revelation in a recent interview with DuJour Magazine, where he spoke about his initial controversial trip to North Korea that created an international firestorm.

Rodman was first brought to the country in early 2013 at the invitation of the media company Vice, who managed to gain unprecedented access into the Communist nation to film a new documentary series. After learning that dictator Kim Jong-un was obsessed with the NBA’s Chicago Bulls, network producers reached out to the former Bull to come over with them and participate in an exhibition basketball game.

He has since returned to the country, which is off limits to other Americans, six times — and considers the dictator a “friend for life!”

“He jokes and loves playing basketball, table tennis, pool. He loves the Doors and Jimi Hendrix,” recalled Rodman when asked to describe Kim’s personality. “When I first went, the live band only played two songs for four hours: the theme songs from ‘Rocky’ and ‘Dallas’!”

Rodman described Kim’s wife of two years as having “expensive tastes” for Gucci and Versace, unlike typical North Korean women. He is also the only person outside of Kim’s family to hold his infant daughter.

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Rodman reveled the country has undergone dramatic changes since his first visit, which he compared to the American TV hit “The Walking Dead.”

“New buildings were popping up and he is building all these new condos and hotels. He built the largest water park in the world, a ski resort and this big bowling alley,” said Rodman. “He’s doing everything for these people. You could go bowl for a quarter all day or go swimming all day for like 50 cents!”

During one visit where he dined with Kim on a 400-foot yacht, the former NBA star suggested staging a second basketball game as a birthday present to the abusive leader, which made him jump up in the air clapping!

Despite Kim’s reputation as a madman who starves and executes his own citizens, Rodman has seen a more human side.

“He’s for the people,” claims Rodman.