“NO ONE is safe” say The WALKING DEAD producers! Learn who will live and who will die only to be resurrected as a flesh eating zombie?

The Walking Dead” is a runaway hit. Each week, up to seven million viewers tune in to the AMC TV series about survivors trying to make it in a world full of zombies. The ENQUIRER did a little digging and came up with some secrets about the show and the actors who dodge those always hungry flesh-eaters.

 ANDREW LINCOLN, 38, who plays small Southern town cop Rick Grimes, the series’ lead character, is ac­tually British. We agree he made a good career move when he changed his surname to Lincoln – from Clutterbuck.

 In a heart-wrenching episode, Sophia Peletier, played by 12-year-old MADISON LINTZ, emerges from a barn as a zombie and is shot in the head by Rick as other survivors watch in horror. The actors’ shocked reactions were real because Madison was secretly tak­en to the barn so no one could see her in her zombie makeup before the scene was filmed.

For 12-year old CHANDLER RIGGS (Carl Grimes), zombies don’t cut it in the scare department. He’s more frightened by Ja­son, from the “Friday the 13th” movies. “I love how he’s invincible,” said Chandler.

NORMAN REEDUS, 43, who plays Daryl Dixon and kills zombies with a crossbow, is one of the show’s most popular characters. He has Internet fan clubs in Russia, Ger­many and Spain. Once, when Reedus picked up his 12-year-old son from school, the boy wore a wide grin because the bigger kids were in awe that Daryl Dixon is his dad.

 Renowned character actor SCOTT WILSON, 70, took on the part of Dr. Hershel Greene because his 97-year-old mother is a huge fan of the show. Wil­son’s breakthrough role came 45 years ago, as one of the killers in the movie “In Cold Blood”.

In one ep, Glenn (STEVEN YEUN, 28) gets morning-after pills for a pregnant Lori Grimes (SARAH WAYNES CALLIES, 34), who is thinking of abort­ing her baby. But the pills aren’t used for that. They only prevent a pregnancy when used within days of having unprotected sex.

LAURIE HOLDEN, 42, plays Andrea, a civil rights attorney. In real life, Laurie is dedicated to hu­man rights. She’s a founding board member of the Somaly Mam Foundation, which combats the global sex trade.

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