Back On Street!

Letterman Son’s Would-Be Kidnapper Out On Parole

Dave on alert after creep's pre-Christmas release!

david letterman son kidnapper paroled
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David Letterman will be resting a little less comfortably this holiday season after Montana State Prison officials released Kelly Allen Frank, the man accused of plotting to kidnap his son and nanny in 2005!

Frank, who escaped the prison together with fellow inmate William Willcutt in 2007, previously earned in 2014 — but officials said he violated the terms of his parole and was locked up again in October of 2015.

Letterman, master of the retirement beard, owns a ranch in Montana, and had hired Frank, whose rap sheet included charges of kidnapping and sexual intercourse without consent that he ultimately pleaded down to an intimidation charge, as a painter.

Cops arrested Frank in 2005 on a tip from one of his pals, who revealed to police a scheme he and Frank mapped out to kidnap the Letterman son Harry and his nanny for a $5 million ransom. Court records indicate that Frank claimed to possess a key to Letterman’s residence.

Authorities put Frank away for 10 years after he pleaded guilty to multiple felony charges including embezzlement, for having overcharged Letterman for work, as well as poaching and to obstructing a police investigation.

In his daring 2007 escape, Frank walked 10 miles through the Montana’s Mission Mountains without socks or shoes before being recaptured the next day. Wilcott was apprehended four days later.

The National ENQUIRER has learned Frank’s current parole deal includes a minimum of six months in semi-restricted housing while wearing a GPS monitor. He’s also is barred from entering Cascade County and is not allowed to hunt or be in the proximity of firearms.

Letterman, an avid skier, purchased his Montana ranch in 1999 after following Montanan Tom Brokaw‘s recommendation that he visit the state.