Pop Payday!

David Cassidy Coughs Up Cash From Beyond The Grave

Troubled teen idol's kid has reason to get happy!

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David Cassidy came to a humiliating end, with the former “Partridge Family” star faking dementia to cover up his alcoholic decline — but at least he didn’t die flat broke!

The faded teen idol was still able to leave his son Beau a lot more money than expected — perhaps even up to $1.68 million more.

David’s estate was originally estimated to be worth around $150,000, but the bitter rocker also had debts of over $186,000.

The estate now claims those debts have been paid, and it’s been left with assets and cash worth about $230,000.

Beau was also the beneficiary of his dad’s retirement plan, which exceeded $450,000. His father also had a life insurance police estimated at a cool million dollars.

David’s daughter Katie, meanwhile, was cut out of his will entirely, although she’s currently enjoying her own fame as a superheroine on the hit CW series “Arrow.”