Falling Star!

David Cassidy: Drunk Pop Star’s Blame Game

Boozer says bankruptcy problem goes back to the '70s!


Former teen heartthrob David Cassidy is wrapping up his bankruptcy case and blaming his troubles on everything but himself!

The singer and actor, now 66, gripes fewer Partridge Family royalty checks from his 1970s hit show, as well as ailing health and bad investments, are the cause of his financial fiasco.

He claims he’s only earning about $12,500 monthly — while his debts are more than twice that amount!

“(David) is proposing this plan of reorganization primarily to resolve pending litigation which arose during a very stressful and challenging period of his otherwise successful career,” the ENQUIRER discovered his court documents reveal.

But the aging former hunk has suffered plenty of legal woes as well, including several DUI busts!

Booze-Soaked David Cassidy Hits Rock Bottom!

In 2013, David was cuffed for his third DUI in four years. He slithered out of possible jail time by copping to a plea deal.

“I didn’t hit anybody. I didn’t smash my car. I had my bright lights on. That’s why I got pulled over,” he said back in 2014.

Cassidy lives in a $3 million Fort Lauderdale mansion, and recently took out an $855,000 line of credit to stay there.

The clueless has-been also owns two pricey lots in the Bahamas and multiple cars but would rather file for bankruptcy than sell anything!

Although he still tours regularly, the cash isn’t flowing in like it did in his glory days.

“While he still loves performing for his fans, it is more difficult to travel … due to his health,” said legal documents.