Booze-Soaked David Cassidy Hits Rock Bottom!

David cassidy sq

Former teen idol DAVID CASSIDY is dead broke and often so blitzed on booze he can’t understand or remember what’s being said to him!

The star of “The Partridge Family,” 65, has racked up three DUI busts and is battling depression as his ritzy mansion heads to the auction block to pay off more than $2 million in debts, The National ENQUIRER has learned.

David is also facing a brutal divorce from Sue Shifrin.

A source said: “David has hit rock bottom, and he knows it. “His home, the only tangible asset he has, is being sold out from under him, and he’s in the midst of what could turn out to be a costly divorce.

“Even his own lawyers are suing him for nonpayment.”

Making matters worse, a Florida law firm has sensationally claimed David racked up nearly $135,000 in legal bills – and still owes most of it! In a deposition obtained by The ENQUIRER, David’s former manager and publicist, Jo-Ann Geffen, was asked whether drugs or alcohol had ever “impaired [David’s] ability to appreciate what was being said” to him.

She testified: “I’d have to say yes,” and “his ability to recall things” was also affected.

According to the suit, David told a reporter: “I deal with depression, anxiety. It comes from the external problems I’ve been dealing with.”

David claimed he was sober back in 2008 after a stint in rehab.

But in Nov. 2010 – and again in Aug. 2013 – he was arrested for driving under the influence.

He was slapped with his third DUI on Jan. 10, 2014, when he was pulled over for making an illegal turn.

The following month, the down-and-out guitarist was in court-ordered rehab after his third wife hit him with divorce papers.

A judge has ordered that David’s Florida home be auctioned to pay his debts.

Lawyers hope it will cover the $2,143,367 he owes.

David once joked he got a call every time his former co-star Danny Bonaduce got into trouble over the years.

Now the shoe is on the other foot and Danny is fielding calls about him, David said.

He added: “If you were alone in my situation, I think you’d be very unhappy.”