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Dead David Bowie Releases Last Music Video — Some Fans Cry Foul

The rock star's disciples say it's missing his touch!

David Bowie Final Video F

David Bowie passed away on January 10, 2016 — just two days after the release of his final album, and weeks after the launch of a theater project!

But the release of a new music video from David’s “Blackstar” album has some fans wondering if it’s really his work!

The video for “I Can’t Give You Everything” is being promoted as the final project overseen by the dead rock star.

Certain skeptics, however, think Bowie’s people are pulling a fast one!

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“Anyone could have made this video,” said a graphics designer who’d worked with the star.

“It sure didn’t cost a lot of money, and most the images in the video are now free to use — because the person who did the ‘Blackstar’ art design announced that he was giving up the copyrights as a tribute after David died!

“It’s a shame, but this just doesn’t look like a real Bowie video!”

Other fans have rushed to social media with similar complaints.

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“It’s very unlike everything else under Bowie’s name,” warned one dedicated follower.

Others, however, are more forgiving — and hope that the cancer-stricken Bowie was simply too ill in his final days to produce anything better!

“It’s heartbreaking to see a David Bowie video without David Bowie appearing,” said one starstruck fan, “but some of us just want to keep looking for a final message from him!”

Watch the video below…