CNN’s New Headquarters Bad News for Cable News Giant

Unfinished complex in Hudson Yards a big fail.

CNN Headquarters Hudson Yards Fail Anderson Cooper
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This just in! Cable news giant CNN’s move to a gleaming new, state-of-the-art headquarters has been an utter disaster! The complex in New York’s massive Hudson Yards development came with a $520 million price tag — and almost as many problems!

“Everything looked half-done and nothing worked when they got there!” one insider snitched. “There was no internet. The TVs in the offices didn’t work. There wasn’t even toilet paper in the bathrooms! It was a joke!”

Most of CNN’s daytime broadcast crew moved from the former headquarters in Columbus Circle to test the waters — and the reviews have been nothing short of brutal!

“The place totally isn’t finished! They just weren’t ready for business, at all,” a source spilled to The National ENQUIRER.

“That’s why they didn’t bring over most of the prime-time talent. God forbid Anderson Cooper’s toilet wasn’t ready to flush when he arrives!”

Things are so disorganized, on-air guests have reported getting lost between the lobby and the makeup 
room on the 19th floor, sources said.

“There’s also a huge terrace where they 
planned outside shots, 
but the winds are so powerful, they fear it will blow the talent right off the building!” dished a mole. “It’s a hilarious swing-and-a-miss for a breaking news operation!”