Maury Povich Reveals He Still Gets High On Wife Connie Chung

The power couple love to light up!

Maury Povich Still Gets High On Wife Connie Chung
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Former daytime talker Maury Povich and former CBS news anchor Connie Chung have admitted they dig lighting up a spliff from time to time — and now they’re grooving on a new strain of weed named after Connie! 

 Maury, 80, said he found out about the Washington-grown “Connie Chung” pot from comic Lewis Black.

His response? “You know we  had to try that.”

So the couple, who married in 1984, set out for the great Northwest to give it a toke!

Connie, 72, loved it so much, she gave some to pal Andy Cohen when she appeared on Watch What Happens Live.

“I’m very easy to grow, I require less attention and care, and I give good yield,” Connie joked.