Hard Times!

Cher’s Shoe Obsession — The Ugly Early Years

The pop diva had a sole-searching childhood!

cher fashion shoes
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Life before Sonny Bono was so dark, Cher and her family couldn’t afford new shoes!

“I was kind of a jock, and I was always running out of shoes before we had money,” explained Cher, 70, of growing up poor.

“I remember one time — it was a particularly dismal time for me — where I had to rubber-band my soles to my shoes so that I could have shoes to go to school.”

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Cher eventually dropped out, due to struggles with dyslexia. She worked several jobs before turning to music.

“Poverty and dyslexia taught me what it’s like to have shame for something beyond your control, and I think that’s what makes me never forget where I came from,” she revealed.

“I’m rich now, but I was poor then!”