Rob Shuter

Cher Scrubs Kids From Her Bio

No room in splashy musical for Chaz & Elijah!

cher chaz bono elijah allman musical
Getty Images/Coleman-Rayner

Rob Shuter reports…. Cher may be a mother of two, but they have virtually disappeared from her autobiographical musical!

“Chastity is briefly mentioned at the show’s beginning when she’s still a girl. Chaz (top left) and his transition aren’t explored at all!” an insider told The National ENQUIRER.

“But Chaz is lucky. Cher’s other son, Elijah Allman (bottom left), isn’t mentioned at all!”

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“The musical opens with Cher’s childhood and ends around 2000 with her tours and Vegas gigs flashed on giant screens,” the insider tattled.

“If I were her kids, I’d be insulted.”