Charlie Sheen Rips Porn Star Ex Over Health Scare

Stricken actor declared: "None of these whores appreciate me!"

Charlie Sheen Scottine Ross

Charlie Sheen sent scathing text messages to his estranged ex-fiancée Scottine Rossi after he suffered a “terrifying” health scare — and RadarOnline has all the blistering details!

The website has compiled Charlie’s shocking rants that he sent to Scottine after he was diagnosed with — and beat — a pre-cancerous throat condition in 2014!

“This is not about a bunch of fancy words, this is about how I feel and is rooted in absolute truth,” said Sheen, before unleashing a vicious diatribe over feeling neglected by Scottine.

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Charlie ripped into Scottine — who worked in porn under the name “Brett Rossi” — because she “never once” sent him flowers in the hospital.

As Radar reports, though, Charlie only got more vicious from there — texting: “You talk about how none of these whores appreciate me? Guess what…it ain’t much diff with you!”

As reported by The National ENQUIRER, Scottine filed a lawsuit this past December against Sheen, including a claim that “he withheld the fact he was HIV positive when he first engaged in sexual relations with her in November 2013.”

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