Charlie Sheen’s Porn Star Ex-Fiancée Files Lawsuit

Scottine sues square

Charlie Sheen’s former fiancée Scottine Ross has struck back against the HIV-positive sleazebag by filing a lawsuit against him alleging assault and battery, emotional distress, false imprisonment and negligence.

The lawsuit alleges that throughout their relationship, “Mr. Sheen was verbally and physically abusive to her due to his substance abuse relapses, and most egregiously, withheld the fact he was HIV positive when he first engaged in sexual relations with her in November 2013.”

According to the complaint, Scottine attempted to resolve these claims with Sheen, who agreed to a settlement deal for $1 million, to be paid on Dec. 2, and to assign to Scottine 5 percent of his participation points in the TV series “Anger Management.”

Then Sheen went on NBC’s “Today” Nov. 17 to admit he was HIV-positive and also made clear his intention to fight any claims from females claiming they had been wrongfully exposed to HIV by him.

The complaint goes on to say that following his “Today” appearance, Sheen claimed Scottine had breached the agreement and refused to sign the settled documents.

“The lawsuit filed by Ms. Ross speaks for itself,” said attorney David M. Ring. “Mr. Sheen made it clear on the ‘Today’ show that he had no intention of honoring the agreement reached, and sure enough, he didn’t. Ms. Ross looks forward to her day in court, and to taking Mr. Sheen’s deposition.”