Camilla Parker Bowles Wins Game Of Thrones

Camilla wins game of thrones ne short

Camilla Parker Bowles, Duchess of Cornwall, has defeated Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge in the fight for the throne — and is sadistically twisting the knife into Prince William’s young wife, said sources.

And now, Camilla’s terrible onslaught is being blamed for Kate’s shockingly gaunt appearance, sparking fears she’s suffering from anorexia!

With an official announcement of Camilla’s new status as Queen-in-Waiting expected soon, Prince Charles’ evil second wife is acting like she’s already been crowned.

And she’s pulling out all the stops to kill her independent daughter-in-law’s spirit by forcing Kate to recognize her “superiority!” “

“Judging by the Duchess of Cambridge’s sudden weight loss [as reported earlier by The ENQUIRER], Camilla has managed to get into her head,” a royal insider told The ENQUIRER.

“We can only hope she can find the strength to stay healthy.”

“Camilla is power-crazy and out of control. She’s hell-bent on humiliating Kate because she knows the public loves her. Every time she sees her, she rubs it in her face,” said the source.

“She told William’s wife, ‘This is my time and soon everyone will be calling me Queen Camilla — including YOU!’”

A secret report leaked to The ENQUIRER revealed dying Queen Elizabeth’s top advisors recommended she pass the crown to Camilla and Charles because her first choice for successors — William and Kate — needed more time to “train” for their roles as rulers.

Charles’ 68-year-old wife “believes her mother-in-law will make her decision public within a few weeks,” added the insider.

“Camilla can hardly contain herself. She is already urging her cronies to practice calling her, ‘Your Majesty!’ She laughs maniacally and tells them, ‘That is music to my ears!’

“But she’s insanely jealous of wildly popular Kate and couldn’t resist warning the younger woman, ‘I will destroy you!’”

The 33-year-old mom-of-two fought back, telling her, “You are pure evil — the people hate you. And so do I!” said the source.

“But it’s plain to see the vicious threat hit its mark — Kate’s wasting away!”

In fact, onlookers were aghast at how scarily skinny Kate was when she arrived at London’s Harrow College to mark World Mental Health Day on Oct. 10.

She appeared to have lost 10 pounds — or more — from her slender frame. The skin on Kate’s upper arm clearly showed loss of muscle definition — an indication of an eating disorder.

“She’s so upset that she hasn’t been sleeping and is hardly eating,” said a friend.

Following the ugly showdown, sources say Charles, 66, met with his 33-year-old son to smooth things over. But Charles was firm — and insisted HE deserved to become King after waiting a record-breaking six decades to ascend the throne.

However, William warned his dad that Camilla has to back off.

“But Camilla keeps turning the screws and is even planning Charles’ Coronation,” said the insider.

“She wants the transition to take place soon after the Queen’s 90th birthday next April. “She’s told Kate, ‘From now on you must curtsy to me and show me proper respect in public.’ And in her most cunning move yet, she’s ordering Kate to appear at her side for public events!

“Camilla knows most people don’t want her to ever be Queen — but if they have the perception Kate approves, things could turn around.”

But the battle is NOT over yet, said the Palace insider.

“On the one hand you have the royals fearing Camilla will dish all the family’s dirt if she doesn’t get her way.

“But William and Kate are an irresistible package and there will have to be a compromise to put them on the throne within five years. Camilla may get her way — but not for long!”