Kate Middleton’s Wasting Away!

Kate middletons wasting away ne short

Shocking new photos have reignited anorexia fears for Kate Middleton — and medical experts said she could be killing herself!

“It’s horrifying,” a palace insider told The National ENQUIRER. “It looks like she’s dropped at least 20 pounds in the past few months. Her arms appear to be nothing but skin and bones.”

As these ENQUIRER snaps show, the 33-year-old Duchess of Cambridge looked gaunt during a recent public appearance.

“A loss of what seems like 20 pounds or more can cause severe health issues and can even be lethal,” Dr. Stuart Fischer, author of “The Park Avenue Diet,” told The ENQUIRER.

“If she continues down this path of apparent starvation, she is definitely putting her life in jeopardy.”

Franci Cohen, an exercise physiologist and nutritionist, said: “Her arms appear soft, mushy and lanky, with absolutely no muscle tone, firmness or definition.”

As The ENQUIRER reported in November 2014, Kate suffered a secret collapse while pregnant with daughter Charlotte.

Prince William, 33, ordered doctors to place his wife under 24-hour care during the pregnancy due to her alarming weight loss and vomiting.

She had dropped to an astonishing 91 pounds.

Added Franci: “If she continues this way, she’ll be putting her life at risk.”