Cameron Diaz — Diva Turning Into Nightmare Mom-To-Be

The wannabe mother is demanding the best in surrogates!

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A determined Cameron Diaz is a scarier nightmare than Godzilla clomping through Tokyo!

The 43-year-old superstar is demanding strict behavior from potential surrogates who might carry her baby, The National ENQUIRER can reveal.

Some of her required — and downright rigid — conditions she wants to enforce include monitoring the woman’s sleeping patterns.

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Cameron also wants an ultra-healthy surrogate who hits the hay before 10 p.m. and listens to only classical music.

“Cameron has started talking with various agencies about picking the right woman to carry her baby,” the insider dished to The ENQUIRER. “But she’s very, very choosy.”

The “Bad Teacher” beauty — who wed Good Charlotte guitarist Benji Madden, 36, last year — considered fertility drugs, but dropped the idea, revealed the spy.

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“Cameron’s concerned a natural pregnancy may not be the best option at her age,” confided the insider.

Now “Sex and the City” veteran Sarah Jessica Parker, who went through the surrogacy process with twin daughters Marion and Tabitha in 2009, is “helping Cameron find the prefect surrogate,” revealed the spy.

“Cameron wants to make sure the mom is physically fit and follows a strict diet.

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“She keeps ruling out possible candidates for odd reasons, like the woman uses too much body lotion or she uses hair spray or eats red meat!”

Even wackier, she’s also extremely paranoid about the surrogate blabbing her secrets.

“She’s even considering making them take polygraph tests!” exclaimed the insider.