True Confessions!

Burt Reynolds’ ‘Cosmopolitan’ Pin-Up — The Naked Truth About His Big Regret

The '70s star got 'zonkered' before stripping nude!

burt reynolds cosmopolitan spread
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Burt Reynolds came out with the naked truth about the scandalous nude centerfold picture he posed for in 1972 — admitting before his death that he was ashamed of striking a sexy pose for Cosmopolitan magazine!

“It was really stupid,” the actor said as he looked back at his career. “I don’t know what I was thinking. I really wish I hadn’t done that. I really do.”

The iconic snap for Cosmopolitan showed a furry-chested Burt smoking a cigarette and lounging on an equally furry rug.

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But even though Burt said he regrets his sexy pose now, he was initially “flattered and intrigued” when he was approached to do the shoot.

“As long as it was only a certain amount of pubic hair showing,” he recalled, “I was all for it.”

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“The only rules I had, was I wanted a lot drinks before,” said Burt about his controversial shoot at the age of 36.

“I have to be truthful,” he admitted. “I was totally zonkered when we did the picture. That stupid smile, that’s what it is.”